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        The importance of brand management

        The importance of brand management

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          Brand management is one of the most important techniques that every business must master. A vital part of your marketing strategy, it is used to make a company’s products and services easily recognisable to consumers.

          Over time, when managed effectively, it will boost the perceived value of your business, building greater customer loyalty when they have a positive association with a particular brand.

          Creating a strong awareness can help in all sorts of ways, making brand marketing a crucial part of your campaign.

          When people see an image or slogan that they associate with a company they like, 72% will take a look, purely because they feel loyal to that brand. This is why you should never underestimate the importance of brand management, no matter how big or small your company.

          What is brand management?

          Businesses must develop a strategic plan to increase brand value and maintain brand equity, which is the value that every business gains from its name being recognised. This gives it a greater chance of being consumers’ preferred choice, as loyalty should prevail.

          A detailed understanding of the brand, including the business’s overall vision and the target market, is vital to ensure the correct strategy is adopted; a creative team, led by a brand manager, is tasked with ensuring the innovation and promotion of a product or services by creating and improving brand awareness including factors such as the logo, associated colours and font of the lettering, all of which must be uniform, so clients recognise it immediately.

          Office tech

          Why is brand management important?

          Effective brand management will boost loyalty and help your business to create a customer base, fuelling company profits in the long term. The importance of setting yourself apart from competitors is its most useful function.

          Research shows 59% of customers are usually loyal to the brands they like for their entire life. Three-quarters of consumers who express loyalty to a particular brand say their personal experience with the company has reinforced their feelings.

          Research reveals on average, 65% of a company’s new customers have been referred by existing customers including family and friends, comments on social media posts and reviews on sites such as Trust Pilot.

          This is why it’s important that your brand is easily recognisable, especially online, as people will tend to recognise it and comment or interact accordingly.

          Effective brand management techniques

          Retaining customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects of strategic marketing. Your brand must convey a consistent tone right across the board and this means ensuring the marketing materials and campaigns, quality of the products and services and the consumers’ emotional experience when interacting with your brand all align.

          The voice of your brand must be one that expresses the company’s values and culture. It should be reflected company-wide in every aspect of your interactions with the public. This is especially important online through the company’s website and social media presence.

          Make sure no one aspect of brand management lets you down, as this can negate the positive aspects of your campaign. Consistent messaging, including design and logo style, reinforce your brand further. Ensure every single interaction with customers reflects the brand’s colours, logo and fonts.

          When providing guidelines to team members, this may include information on how to use specific wording or taglines in communications.

          If you work for a large company, with offices in various parts of the country, it’s important that any brand updates are understood company wide. Don’t let an inaccuracy with an affiliate lead to out-of-date messaging or branding being used.

          The important thing is to make sure your brand communicates reliably and clearly across all platforms and channels.

          Effective office space

          Effective brand management comes from having a smoothly run business, which is where the importance of an effective office space comes in.

          Working in BE Offices’ serviced offices can help you focus on the important aspects of running your company, including brand management.

          Let us take care of managing your premises, so all you need to think about is promoting and growing your company, which becomes much easier in a creative and inspirational environment.

          Serviced offices provide far more than simply office space, as they offer an environment to bring people together and thrive. Our award-winning serviced offices offer opportunities for collaboration and true flexibility where your creative juices can really start to flow.


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