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        The office of the future: what’s in store for our workspaces?

        The office of the future: what’s in store for our workspaces?

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          Plants and indoor trees adorning every surface, pets curled up under desks, nap breaks – is this the future of office space? We look at three companies who are reinventing office life.

          A positive office culture nurtures creativity and productivity, as employees tend to be happier and more motivated in inspiring surroundings. Businesses the world over are catching on.

          Adobe is a great example of a company pushing the boundaries when it comes to modern offices. It has recently relocated its London headquarters to the ultra-hip quarter of Shoreditch, and the open plan workspace, complete with an abundance of natural light and roof terrace, really is a sight to behold.

          The office is within the impressive White Collar Factory, a building with 16 floors located on the “Silicon Roundabout”. Its 600 employees can enjoy a library, a gaming area and a rooftop terrace where bikes can be stored, naps can be taken, and drinks can be sipped as the sun sets over London.

          The office’s interior is quirky and charming, with bright, block colours and décor which is designed to mimic Adobe filters and applications. There is also a “Customer Experience Centre” on-site, where customers can experience Adobe technology.

          Walking into Adobe’s London offices is certainly not “just another day at the office.”

          “Office design is all about people,” it states on Adobe’s blog.

          “It’s about creating a magical environment that maximizes performance and productivity, a centre of collaboration allowing humans to drive ideas and solve problems.”

          One glimpse into the Adobe world in London proves that it is, indeed, magical.

          Directly above view of young man wearing blue sweater sitting on cozy beanbag chair, reading newspaper and enjoying fragrant coffee


          Google is another company that’s well-known for their quirky approach to office décor and employee perks.

          The tech giant has recently finalised design plans for its London headquarters in Soho, which will be built with enough space for 4,000 employees and topped with a rooftop garden.

          Oh – and the rooftop garden will boast a running track, in case, you know, someone feels like a mid-work jog.

          Building the so-called “landscraper” (it will supposedly be as long as skyscrapers are tall) will begin in 2018. Floorplans show gyms, massage rooms, a rooftop garden complete with herb and fruit patches, and four café-come-restaurants to choose from.

          The company’s other building lies just around the corner at King’s Cross, and is home to over 2,000 staff, who enjoy access to gyms, nap pods and even cookery classes, run by a chef who used to cook with Jamie Oliver.

          Now – can you name a company who provides more of a complete lifestyle more than Google? We’ll wait.

          There are few offices more picturesque than those at Etsy.

          The business is considered one of the top dog-friendly companies in the UK, as well as being decorated like a scene straight from a lifestyle magazine.

          It’s not surprising that the online marketplace, whose headquarters are in Brooklyn but which has offices dotted around the world, design their work spaces with such aesthetic appeal. It is the global platform for creative entrepreneurs – and its offices ooze creativity.

          Sun streams through the wall-to-wall glass meeting rooms, packed with block-colour furniture. Employees are encouraged to work remotely on a beanbag or couch of their choice, or even in the outdoor courtyard area. And, possibly coolest of all, dogs are invited to join their owners at work (if they’re good, of course).

          If you’re thinking of jazzing up your office to encourage creative oomph, do a little research on these companies. They’re sure to teach you a thing or two.


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