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        Third of office workers enjoy Christmas party romance

        Third of office workers enjoy Christmas party romance

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          Up to a third of UK office workers have kissed a colleague at the office Christmas party, it has been claimed.

          Research conducted by Lovehoney – which interviewed 2,175 people – revealed that many people have enjoyed a moment of passion at the annual workplace celebration.

          Just one in 20 of those surveyed said they regretted the decision afterwards – suggesting that romance may be blossoming in the UK office space.

          A fifth of those having enjoyed a full-on kiss – perhaps under the mistletoe – said they had later embarked on a relationship with the other person.

          This suggests that rather than having too much to drink and making a mistake, many workers are waiting until the Christmas party to ‘make their move’ on a desired colleague.

          Office staff spend much of their week in the same environment as their co-workers, so it should perhaps come as no surprise that some individuals become more than just friends.

          Workplaces often attract like-minded people with similar skills and interests, meaning the chances of finding someone compatible are likely to increase.

          However, should there be unrequited love, it can potentially create an uncomfortable situation in the office for everyone concerned.

          Team managers may be faced with employees who do not wish to work together – or even speak – following a misguided advance at the Christmas party.

          As such, employers should remind workers of the need to behave responsibly – particularly where alcohol is involved – and treat each other with the appropriate level of respect.

          Normal office rules and codes of conduct should still apply, and employees should take this into account and avoid having ‘one too many’.

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