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        Building a happier workplace: tips from the most popular places to work in the UK

        Building a happier workplace: tips from the most popular places to work in the UK

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          They say happier workers are more productive workers. But what makes a happier worker? We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular places to work in the UK for inspiration…

          Every year Glassdoor publishes a list of the most popular places to work in the UK according to employees. We’ve had a look at their top five to see what we can learn…

          Everyone’s favourite search engine is well known for its unique company culture: free food, free gym, free mobile phones, on-site services like dry-cleaning and hairdressing, as well as perks like private healthcare and relocation packages.

          Of course, as one of the largest companies in the world, Google is well placed to offer staff these sorts of benefits, and the flipside is that the company expect a lot out of their employees: hard work, dedication, long hours. Where Google has succeeded is in recognising that to attract and retain talented staff – and get them to fully embrace working there – you need to create a fun, creative workplace community.

          Anglian Water
          It may not be as ‘cool’ as Google but Anglian Water is certainly popular with its staff. The benefits on offer – like private healthcare and access to discounted services – most certainly play a part, but what Anglian Water’s employees applaud most is the company’s commitment to staff wellbeing and development.

          On the whole, Anglian Water’s employees definitely don’t feel like one tiny cog in a giant machine: they feel engaged. Anglian Water seems to truly invest in its staff, offering clear performance review processes and the guidance and development to help staff progress within the company. It stands out as a company that cares, with staff also complimenting the company’s work/life balance and their commitment to customer service.

          The popularity of this social services non-profit amongst its workers shows that people aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work if it’s fulfilling.

          Many Bromford employees extol the organisation’s trusting and supportive ethos and the inspiring, innovative work they do. The day to day may be fast-paced and energetic but the company seem keen to promote a healthy work/life balance and support flexible working.

          The king of social media may have been taking a beating in the press recently but as far as its UK employees are concerned it’s obviously doing something right. CEO Mark Zuckerberg even has a current 99% approval rate from Glassdoor reviewers.

          Undated handout photo issued by Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

          As with any successful company the numerous job perks aren’t to be ignored, but Facebook’s real success seems to be its team. Micromanaging doesn’t really fit in Facebook’s culture. The focus is on creative, collaborative, flexible working. Facebook make this work by hiring smart, innovative, talented and engaged staff who truly believe in, and care about what they are doing.

          A lot of the personal ups and downs at work come down to who you’re working with. Salesforce hires based on personality and ethics, as well as competency, to create a hardworking and friendly team.

          Employees seem to really enjoy the innovative culture here too, and inspiring implementations like encouraging staff to volunteer with NGOs as part of their role are very popular.

          Small businesses may not have the resources to offer free food and healthcare or build elaborate community-esque offices but there are other ways to improve morale in the workplace. Here are our five takeaway tips:

          1. Create a vibrant workplace culture:
          Think about the values you stand for as a company and use this as a starting point for some creative thinking on staff engagement.

          2. Focus on staff development:
          As a company you want to get ahead and improve but don’t forget that’s what your staff want for themselves too. No one likes stagnating.

          3. Remember the work/life balance:
          Tired, overworked, stressed-out workers don’t make for high levels of productivity or creativity. Also, a little bit of flexibility goes a long way.

          4. Make work more meaningful:
          Meaningful work doesn’t have to mean changing the world. Build up your company ethos and create socially responsible initiatives that workers can really get behind.

          5. It all starts with recruitment:
          Personality and ethics should have a bearing in the recruitment process too. Think hard-working, friendly and humble rather than brilliant but arrogant and lazy.


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