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        To hot desk or not to hot desk: a freelancer’s dilemma

        To hot desk or not to hot desk: a freelancer’s dilemma

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          For and against hot-desking, we look at both sides of arguments…

          A permanent desk at a coworking space or at a client’s office has its benefits, however, hot-desking, from a managed space or a coffee shop also has its perks. There are a number of factors you should consider before making your decision. We weigh up the options…

          Hot-desking gives you the freedom to find a new workplace on a whim. Whether it’s an itch to live life in a far-flung city, or simply tiring of staying in the same place for too long, changing your desk regularly is sure to keep your creative juices flowing. However, working from a permanent desk could be a welcome change if you’ve been moving around for a while. The chance to develop a steady routine, or balance extra-curricular activities such as joining regular gym classes, might help to boost your work-life balance.

          Hot-desking in a coworking space does come at a cost; however, packages can be surprisingly affordable, offering you the flexibility to get the office lifestyle without the commitment. Don’t forget those extra perks that could see you saving pounds elsewhere – meeting rooms, virtual telephone answering services and more could all come under the same price. A permanent desk, while offering the same perks, could cost you more. You might find your clients are willing to give you space to work, though – it’s definitely a good idea to ask, if you have a good relationship with your client.

          With hot-desking, it might be more difficult to communicate with your clients in locations that aren’t specifically yours. Face to face meetings can become impractical, and not having your own storage might be a problem if your work calls for a lot of equipment. However, having a permanent spot gives you a greater chance to talk to your peers – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to raise questions about a brief, discuss your sector and gain an understanding of other perspectives.

          You’re more likely to come across a broader range of skills in a room when hot-desking. Imagine sitting next to an illustrator in the morning and a copywriter after lunch, and all the opportunities that could bring. Equally, working in a client environment or in a fixed office location might help you to make more meaningful connections. Sharing a space with people invested in your project could make completing your workload a much easier task. Their familiarity with a market or intended audience should remove stumbling blocks along the way.

          Choosing a hot-desk close to home will see you save valuable time and money. Walking, cycling or incorporating exercise boosts your quality of life and makes concentrating on your work a lot easier. A longer commute to a permanent desk might mean that you end up paying out for public transport and getting caught up in the crowds. Figure out if there are locations that work for you nearer where you live, and you might find there’s a permanent desk or hot-desk that works for you. Or, if you work entirely from home but are looking for a way of adding prestige to your business, why not consider a virtual office? A virtual office offers all the benefits of a full time office, with a prestigious business address and a receptionist but without the costs.


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