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        Top 10 ways you can benefit from using a virtual office space

        Top 10 ways you can benefit from using a virtual office space

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          Whether you are a freelancer, one-man band or just a business that likes having flexibility, there are many ways you can benefit from having a virtual office space, but here are the top 10:

          l. A virtual office space can help you save money on having to pay higher rental fees for a traditional office or serviced office space that you do not need full time.

          2. Renting a virtual office also enables businesses to list a central location on their marketing or advertising material that would be too expensive to rent otherwise.

          3. Companies have the ability to rent business addresses of significant importance related to their industry sector, e.g. listing Threadneedle Street, London as their business address when working in the financial industry. This means that a small business, that may not otherwise be able to compete with other larger companies, now has the opportunity to appear larger than it is.

          4. Companies can gain ultimate flexibility if they have to travel often and need to work on the move, or equally if they are parents, for example, they are able to work from home and make their working schedule fit around them instead of having to travel to a physical office and not being at a disadvantage to their competitors.

          5. Many successful companies can be run through working remotely without being in a physical office but often having an official or reputable office address can help companies attract new clients.

          6. Renting virtual offices in different locations can also provide your business with a nationwide presence without having to pay for office space that you do not use.

          7. When renting a virtual office, you can also access virtual office services that can improve the image of your company and help display yourself as a professional business. The services you can expect to access when you rent with us include a phone number with an answering service from a professional receptionist. Furthermore, if you get any deliveries or clients have items to drop off to you, they will be greeted by formal reception services and then you can get your mail forwarded to you.

          8. Having a virtual office means that you don’t have to have business meetings with your clients at your home address or in a café. When using our virtual services, you can rent meeting rooms or conference rooms within your business address building or at any of our nationwide locations that suit you best.

          9. If you also feel that you would like or need to work from your virtual office location, it is possible to rent a day office so that you have the option to work in a professional environment.

          10. Another great benefit is that as and when your companies evolves, the virtual service can grow with you and as you grow out of your virtual office you can always upgrade to a physical space.

          When it comes to looking into virtual offices, the benefits are wide and varied. If you still are not entirely sure as to whether this is an option for you and your company, when choosing us as your provider you can always trial it for as little as 3 months.


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