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        Top 5 business gadgets

        Top 5 business gadgets

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          Imagine a business world without smartphones or photocopiers, many would agree that it would be almost impossible to get anything done without these tools.

          There are a number of other gadgets that could provide equally promising solutions for businesses – from desks that double up as running machines and Magic Wands that promise to make digital imaging more straightforward.

          Read on for a rundown of five quirky and useful gadgets that could revolutionise your workplace.

          BlackBerry Torch

          You’re out of the office and on the go but still need to be able to collaborate with people and conduct all your business while on the move.

          Enter the BlackBerry Torch, a touch screen smartphone, which provides ease of use with security and a sleek design. It may seem a little larger than previous iterations, but that allows for easy navigation and comfort when using the phone for correspondence or alongside documents.

          The trackpad is a useful addition and helps with anything that requires precision, while the RIM platform allows users to easily access information and get things done at the touch of a button. It also offers the capability to access a company’s intranet to make you feel like you’re working in the office when out of it. What’s more, the 4GB internal memory is a real bonus.

          Pocket projector

          Portable projectors are convenient on the go solutions and are becoming more and more advanced all the time.

          In terms of in the office, they provide numerous practical solutions to meetings and presentations, with the ability to easily view PowerPoints and other documents. Rather than have everybody gather around your small laptop display, just like a normal-sized projector, a portable one can enhance the image onto a whiteboard or wall to make it comfortable for everyone to view.

          But the real bonus is in its flexibility – there’s no need to install individual projectors into each room or move bulky ones around from one place to another, instead simply pop it into a computer’s USB port and it’s ready to use.

          Magic Wand 

          Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of magic wand that can simply be waved to fix all your business problems in one go, rather it’s a portable scanner.

          It’s still a pretty nifty tool though, especially in this day and age when companies are trying to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their paper usage.

          The Magic Wand by VuPoint is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It’s a slim bar shape with rollers that allows users to swipe across an ordinary piece of paper and turn it to a JPEG image. An indicator shows how many scans are on file and the device is powered by two AA batteries. It also comes with a USB cable so images can be downloaded to your computer.

          Logitech Wireless All-in-One

          Combining products into one has always been a strong trend in the technology world – take smartphones, for example, which – as we well know – do so much more than simply make calls.

          Logitech’s Wireless All-in-One works under the same principle, as it merges an ultra-slim keyboard with a mouse, helping to reduce desktop clutter and allowing easy navigation of computers and web pages.

          The keyboard design combines a full-size chiclet keyboard with a 4.17-inch square touchpad built in on the right-hand side of the keyboard, where the ten key number buttons would usually reside.

          It can even link to portable devices to make working on the go much easier and more comfortable.


          Office-based jobs are notoriously unhealthy, as they usually involve being seated for hours on end with little time for movement.

          That’s where the Workstation comes in. This quirky object is a cross between a desk and a running machine, meaning you can combine work with exercise and make sure you don’t develop health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

          With a maximum speed of 2 mph, the Walkstation lets you stroll comfortably, burn calories, feel healthier and more energised, while accomplishing the work you’d normally do when seated.

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