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        Top 5 ideas for remote team bonding

        Top 5 ideas for remote team bonding

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          How to make time for your team away from the office.

          Building virtual relationships can be difficult, so we’ve gathered together some timely inspiration to keep you and your colleagues a close-knit group…

          Chat over a coffee break
          Most of our strongest work relationships are forged during unplanned encounters between meetings and deadlines. Luckily, the quick chats and catch-ups can easily be replicated online. A video call is the perfect opportunity for those who socialise best in a one-on-one situation to see a friendly face. Why not try taking your next caffeine break with added company?

          Compete in a virtual pub quiz
          The pubs may be closed but the public’s thirst for a traditional quiz is certainly still there. If there isn’t a willing quiz master amongst you (we’d be very surprised), there are a host of ready-made quizzes you can download with picture rounds, cryptic questions and music trivia all included. Divide your colleagues into teams and let the games begin over a conference call – and remember, competition is good for business and team morale.

          Start an online book club
          Literature lovers have found themselves with more time to curl up with a book but fewer opportunities to meet with like-minded bookworms. An online book club lets your colleagues share a common interest while bringing the team together. Decide on your next book over email and set a time to discuss your thoughts over a video call. Do it properly and your new arrangement could last well beyond lockdown.

          Show and tell
          Take a leaf out of the schools’ books and learn about your colleagues, by giving them a platform to present an item and take questions from your team. You could even try different themes to get the ball rolling – something you’re proud of or perhaps a souvenir with sentimental value. Send a list of prompts and wait for the unusual anecdotes to roll in…

          Work together for shared storytelling
          Shared storytelling is a great way to combine creativity and co-operation. The concept is simple; ask a member of staff to come up with a sentence then hand over to another team member for the next dose of prose. Keep the chain going for as long as possible for a tale with more plot twists than a Netflix binge.



          Image credits – fizkes via iStock & Rawpixel via iStock

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