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        Top 5 most unconventional working locations

        Top 5 most unconventional working locations

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          If your limit to making your office that little bit more exciting is buying a Japanese Peace Lily for the kitchen then this next top five list is definitely aimed at you.

          From Spanish forests to American warehouses, we’ve been scouring the globe looking for the most unusual, unconventional, unique office locations to inspire and excite you. They shouldn’t work – but they do.

          Pallotta TeamWorks

          Based in Los Angeles, this charity organisation had budget in the forefront of its mind when designing its headquarters To be precise, $40 (£25) per square foot – which is why each office room is literally inside a shipping container.

          Stacked up together inside a warehouse, each box is painted in bright colours to make a really unique working environment that is certainly cost efficient if not especially roomy.


          This company is an internet service provider in Sweden and had security in mind when looking for a site for its headquarters.

          In doing so they found possibly one of the most secure sites in the world – an old nuclear bomb shelter buried 30 metres underground in the side of a mountain.

          The Pionen facility, near Stockholm can only be accessed through thick steel doors and – given the company’s speciality – you would hope that getting a phone signal wouldn’t be a problem.

          Casa na Arvore

          The name of this Brazilian company translates from Portuguese as “house in a tree” – so no prizes for guessing how this office presents itself.

          Coincidentally – or maybe not – this tree house is home to a business which specialises in making them.

          The office is built quite solidly into several silk-cotton trees and is accessed not via the traditional rope ladder, but a walkway that is connected directly to the owner Ricardo Brunelli’s home, making it a rather short commute.

          Selgas Cano Architecture Bureau

          You would expect to be impressed by the office of an architect, and this one was actually designed by the staff themselves – in the middle of a forest near Madrid.

          The building itself resembles a tunnel, with a glass wall on one side – allowing workers to feel at one with nature. This is certainly a bonus as the shape of it is quite long and narrow, so any trick to make it seem larger must be a benefit.

          Air Force One

          While many people spend their days working in the skies on board a plane, Air Force One is different in that it actually has an office – or offices to be precise.

          Bearing in mind this is all on a plane, this place of work comes equipped with its own presidential suite as standard among the total of 4,000 square feet of floor space.

          Other facilities include an operating theatre complete with full-time surgeon, two galleys capable of preparing food for 100 guests, 19 TVs, 85 telephones and 238 miles of wiring.

          Chances are you’d have to be a pretty important person to be able to demand all of that.

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