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        Top 5 resource management apps for your office

        Top 5 resource management apps for your office

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          Resource planning is the key to a smoothly-run office. No matter the need, your office projects will come off without a hitch with these resource management app suggestions…

          Resources are the surprising key to making a project run perfectly. Even with the most meticulously planned task list, if you haven’t managed your resources correctly, you’ll find that you can’t keep up with the demands of the job.

          To make things easier, we’ve listed the top five resource management apps for your office below…

          This app works in any browser, and gives managers the ability to drag and drop resources, to assign them to different team members. It also has allocated hours to make sure individual team members aren’t accidentally given too much to do, and makes reporting simple. The best part? It integrates with other apps that are commonly used in offices, such as Slack, Trello and Github.

          The simple look and nature of this resource management tracker is its selling point. With a click-and-drag assignment function, live updates, a weekly schedule, and notifications, there’s absolutely no reason why your office can’t become a well-oiled machine. There’s also a handy app to keep track of everyone on the go!

          This long-running app is commonly used across offices because of its simple layout and easy resource booking system. Clashes are prevented, even when multiple project owners are working on different tasks and booking team members in as resource. Plus, there’s a member dashboard for all the team to use individually, making it easy to keep track of who’s doing what.

          As well as the bells and whistles of the other suggestions, 10,000ft offers resource planning assistance. You can match individual team members to projects by their skills, disciplines and more, making it much more comprehensive than just working by availability. This makes it easier for project managers to assign resource, and saves time all round!

          This app is the full-service package for resource management, client invoicing and project planning. If you’re an office with a lot of projects on the go, there’s nothing better for managing people’s time and tasks intuitively. With overheads and costs per member of the team, it makes billing and calculating profitability against resourcing very easy.



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