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        Top 5 tips for your company website

        Top 5 tips for your company website

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          In the competitive environment of the world wide web, your company website needs to make sure it’s getting everything right to stand out from the crowd.

          With an increasing proportion of business now taking place via the internet, the rewards for ensuring your presence is a noticeable one can be great.

          To ensure you’re on the right track, here are our top five tips for making sure your website does you justice.

          Make it mobile-friendly

          According to a recent survey by hibu, every firm that doesn’t have a webpage optimised for mobile viewing is losing out on a potential £24,000 annually in lost sales.

          As more and more consumers turn to their smartphones or tablets to surf the web, you need to make sure you are not being left behind. With this in mind, developing your site so it is simple to use and easy to view via mobile devices is a must.

          Hibu said one of the main reasons for entrepreneurs to put off making this move was because they felt intimidated in redesigning their page for a new platform. However, with it becoming a growing trend for customers to browse the internet while on the go, it’s a strategy everyone should be prioritising.

          Fill it with quality content

          People need a reason to keep coming back to your website and making sure they always have something interesting to read whenever they visit is a good start.

          Think about what your target audience would like to hear about on their commute home or during their lunch break and take it from there.

          It has to be attractive

          The easier your website is on the eye, the longer your customers will spend there. Even if your content is engaging, if it is difficult to read because of a ridiculously small font size or random graphics keep popping up from nowhere, then they are less likely to stick it out.

          Ultimately, you have to make everything as straightforward and as hassle-free as possible when they visit your page.

          Think security

          With the risks associated with buying online now well-publicised, potential consumers want to know they are not taking a chance when it comes to sharing their bank details.

          If you take payments directly from your website, it’s important to reassure customers they are not likely to fall foul of fraud and explain why this is the case. If you are looking for information to back up your claims, your online payment processor should be able to explain what it does to protect any transactions that take place.

          SEO matters

          SEO – or search engine optimisation – is a key factor in making your website visible when internet users type certain phrases into Google, Yahoo and other similar services.

          There are several factors at play when it comes to determining how high up in the search rankings your page appears, including the content on your site, coding and hyperlinks.

          If in doubt, it may be worth asking a specialist to take a look and see how they can optimise your web presence.

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