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        Top 5 work benefits employees look for

        Top 5 work benefits employees look for

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          As the job market gets more competitive, employees are now looking for better work perks than ever before. Find out more about which benefits attract the most attention…

          It’s not enough to offer potential career progression in the current work market. Employees are more discerning than ever about the extras that make working for a company more attractive. A pay rise might not be enough to tempt someone to join – but there are benefits that businesses can offer to bring the best talent on board.

          Holiday allowance
          More holiday time than the average business is a sure-fire way to get strong employee talent to join your business. Having the time off to relax and decompress is important in today’s frenetic working world, and if you can offer a potential employee a good holiday package, they’re going to be more interested in working for you. Not only that, but a well-rested employee is more productive, making it a win-win situation!

          Flexible working
          People are now looking to work for businesses that can be flexible around their needs. Employees with children or other dependants have always needed flexibility. That being said, more than ever before, employees who want the option to work to a schedule that suits them or to work from home are looking for businesses that offer flexible working.

          Cycle to work schemes
          As society becomes more focused on green living and eco-friendly workspaces, initiatives such as s cycle to work scheme helps attract employees looking to cut their carbon footprint while keeping in shape. A cycle to work scheme or similar can help a business keep its carbon costs down and keep employees happy, making it appealing all round.

          Learning and development opportunities
          Even though employers would love staff to stay for many years – or even decades – chances are that someone will stay a while before moving on. By offering training incentives and learning opportunities, businesses can attract talent and encourage them to stay, while giving them something useful to take with them when they leave. It benefits their current work, too, so it’s not a wasted investment.

          Private healthcare options
          Though the UK enjoys public healthcare, offering private healthcare options can be appealing for employees who are looking for more support outside of work. Whether it’s a physical issue or emotional support, offering private healthcare can help employees feel better both inside and outside of the workplace.


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