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        Top managerial skills that make you a great boss

        Top managerial skills that make you a great boss

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          Good management skills are key to a successful career regardless of your role within an organisation.

          Management skills are often discussed in the abstract, but what are they in reality? Broadly speaking, management skills can be defined as skills which enable the effective management of others, be they interpersonal skills, communication skills, general leadership skills and more. Certain industry sectors will require varying abilities, but there are numerous management skills which are applicable to any work environment.


          Motivational managers are a significant asset to any business. The ability to interact skillfully and professionally with team members not only sets a good example, it also increases productivity and employee satisfaction. Employees are motivated when tasked with clear and achievable goals, when their accomplishments are celebrated and when they understand how their achievements are contributing to the overall success of the company.

          Leaders who are able to identify employees’ strengths and encourage development will always stand out during the hiring process, as will managers who demonstrate a sharp eye for areas which could be improved and who know how to approach situations diplomatically. Its important to encourage staff to make productive changes, rather than highlighting their shortcomings, which is discouraging in the extreme. Empowering personnel to take ownership of projects and showing proper appreciation when those projects are successfully completed will inevitably lead to a highly motivated workplace.


          Transparency, integrity, diplomacy and professionalism are all essential skills for a good manager. Good managers are those who set a good example for employees, holding themselves to the highest standards, demonstrating a professional work ethic and demeanor, and adhering to a strict moral code.


          Effective communication is undoubtedly one of the most important responsibilities for managers, not only for the people that work under them but also for other managers within the organisation. Managers are part of an intricate web and must act accordingly by providing interconnection between junior members of staff and senior management, or between different departments.

          Communication skills should be in both verbal and written form. Grammatically incorrect emails, riddled with spelling mistakes, won’t inspire confidence. Top managers should be able to coherently disseminate information either in person or electronically. Emotional intelligence will also help a manager understand an employee’s concerns or requirements making for a strong and productive team.


          Possessing problem-solving skills empowers managers to identify, address and overcome the inevitable workplace problems. Attention to detail is critical, even affording the best managers to spot emerging problems before they become apparent to others and to prevent them escalating.

          A career in management requires analytical skills in order to understand industry relevant information, anticipate potential problems before they arise, demonstrate resourcefulness in the face of such problems and troubleshoot efficiently and effectively.


          Innovation is critical for almost every company. Competitive organisations will always strive to better your offering. Innovative businesses stay ahead of the rest, ensuring client retention and securing new business.

          Keeping up on industry news and empowering employees to demonstrate a high level of conceptual thinking skills themselves will help bring different perspectives and new ideas to the organisation, essential for business continuity and growth.

          Top management skills for success

          Management skills are important for a variety of reasons, even for those who are not in management roles but simply managing relationships with colleagues within their own teams and the wider organisation. Ultimately it pays to hone these skills in any situation, enabling you to be an effective communicator, solve problems, make good decisions and motivate others around you to create a more harmonious working environment for everyone.


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