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        Top tips for opening an office in a new location

        Top tips for opening an office in a new location

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          Is it time for your business to up sticks? Whether it’s for new opportunities or because of an expiring lease, these tips will ensure you complete your big move without a hitch….

          We all know how stressful moving can be. Throw in running a business alongside all the packing and preparing and things get a little more complicated. Take the stress away from your next business move with these top tips…

          Plan early
          Make sure you are looking ahead for anything that could impact your workspace needs. Is your lease up for expiration soon? Or maybe you’ve got a big project in the pipeline that is going to require more staff and therefore more office space? Planning well in advance means you won’t be left scrambling for space or even without an office at all further down the line.

          Use a flexible office space first
          Once you’ve decided to relocate or open a second office in a new location, the next logical step is to decide where that should be. With coworking and flexible workspace options you can test drive a new location without signing lengthy leases, giving you the chance to see whether the commute works for your staff and what the local amenities are like before you set up a permanent base.


          Call on the experts
          Whether it’s a simple office move or building a bespoke space, calling on office space experts will make all the difference. Start by finding an experienced provider renowned for their service excellence. How transparent is their pricing? Does all-inclusive, mean all-inclusive? What do their clients say about them? What client events do they organise? Is there the opportunity for networking with other like-minded business professionals? What are their sustainability credentials? The more information you have the better.

          Communicate with your team
          Calling on the experts shouldn’t mean excluding your wider team. An office move is the perfect opportunity to start conversations around current work processes, areas that could be improved and what your staff want to see in their new workspace. Asking early in the process ensures that plans can be made with everyone in mind.

          Extend the conversation by keeping your team up to date with developments. Keeping them in the loop and getting them excited about the move can boost morale at a potentially stressful time.

          Use your available resources
          If you’re worried about disruption, why not get staff to help with the move? Asking the team to each pack their own desk can help save time. Plus, they’ll know where everything is, minimising disruption at the other end. Appoint a member of staff with a strong grasp of your operations as a ‘move manager’. They can oversee everyone else and provide a point of contact for the professionals, to help give you the best chance at delivering a smooth office move.



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