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        Top ways to revamp your office for 2020

        Top ways to revamp your office for 2020

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          Looking for a way to make your office look more attractive? From hanging plants to new workspaces, here are five of our favourite ideas for the New Year.

          It’s 2020, not only a new year, but a new decade, the perfect time to give your office space a revamp…

          1. Think salvaged and sustainable
          Could your next addition to the office be a reclaimed bookshelf or upcycled side table? If you’re looking to add character to your office while still being green, consider choosing only recycling furniture in 2020. It’s kind to the environment and you can probably find some cool vintage pieces for your office.

          2. Make use of unconventional spaces
          Stretched for space? If you need to add new working spaces to your office, don’t overlook corridors, window ledges or spaces under the stairs. These are what’s known in the office design world as “third spaces”. As technology makes this new breed of workstations viable, they will no doubt be welcomed by your staff.

          3. Add dynamic furniture
          Lightweight, mobile and multi-functional furniture is becoming the norm in workplaces around the world. Think movable dividers, step-style seating that transforms a meeting area into a dining area, and lots of things on wheels. Multi-functional workspaces have become a standard in recent years, but you can stay ahead of the curve by adding innovative furnishings too.

          4. Try hanging horticulture
          Plants have long been rooted in office interiors but with the need to go green taking on extra importance and office space at a premium, fashions in office flora are changing. Living green walls and hanging ceiling plants are growing in popularity and it’s not just workplace aesthetics that benefit. Studies have shown plants in the office help reduce stress, increase productivity and even reduce the cost of energy bills by insulating rooms.

          5. Domesticate your decor
          As the line between work and home life becomes increasingly blurred, companies are going further to welcome their employees into their offices. Think rugs, throw pillows and household amenities that bring your workforce together and improve staff morale. Why not incorporate homely elements like coffee tables and board games with soft furnishings to make your team feel at home in 2020?


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