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        Transform your Serviced Office to get Best from Staff

        Transform your Serviced Office to get Best from Staff

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          Turning the world of work “on its head” is the best way to get what you want out of employees working in office space in Milton Keynes and beyond, according to a business expert.

          Roger Harrop, who is also an international speaker, said that getting away from convention and letting staff work the way that they think is best would promote a better morale and a working environment filled with motivation.

          He cited the example of Microsoft Holland, which has taken mobile working on board in a big way.

          Mr Harrop said: “They [employees] are solely judged on results. They work what hours they want, when they want. They travel how and when they like, stay at home when they want, and spend time with their family. They are as a result the most productive Microsoft company in the world, with absenteeism and sickness both down.”

          His comments were made following a statement made by the University of Bristol saying that plans for new transport systems should be used as an opportunity to improve the physical health and wellbeing of workers through exercise. If workers were allowed to work flexibly, they would be able to take advantage of different travel options.

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