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        Transforming Office Space into cultural Art Haven

        Transforming Office Space into cultural Art Haven

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          Using vacant office space as exhibitions space for artists can bring to life to an empty room and promote it to potential buyers.

          That’s according to one real estate agent who offered his office wall space to artists, to brighten up the place and promote the building in the best way.

          Siim Sepper contacted artists about putting their work on the walls to encourage people to come and have a look at the space.

          One of the artists involved is painter Meriliis Rinne, whose art currently hangs on the walls of a company which was forced to move after going bankrupt. She said she hopes her work can stay up when the commercial space is sold.

          Rinne added: “As long as these rooms are up for sale, I will definitely organise open door days and invite all my friends. Information spreads and perhaps it will reach someone who wants to purchase this place.”

          Ginger White, a company which rents out artwork, said that art in the workplace can impress visitors, motivate staff and create a positive talking point.

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