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        Trend in peer-to-peer reviews help motivate staff

        Trend in peer-to-peer reviews help motivate staff

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          Peer-to-peer recognition schemes are proving very popular in these difficult times for office staff as getting credit from someone who carries out and understands the job creates added meaning.

          Sometimes these schemes are linked to wider staff benefit programmes, but many are being rolled out independently with small rewards such as £20 vouchers or the chance to win a holiday.

          International companies such as DHL Express and Virgin Atlantic have joined the raft of companies including Mamas & Papas and Oracle whose staff are benefitting from these reviews.

          Staff rewarding each other also promotes team building and exemplifies the way many companies are choosing to break down traditional management hierarchies.

          It is important for a peer-to-peer recognition scheme to work that each employee in your organisation has an opportunity to nominate others as if they are not implemented correctly they can quickly become unfair.

          Andrew Johnson, director general of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association, told HR Magazine: “These schemes don’t suit all workplaces, but do particularly well where team members rely on each other and understand who is trying to do what. Because people on the frontline are closest to the effort being made on a daily basis, it is likely the right people will be recognised.”

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