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        Two out of three Take lunch to London Office Space

        Two out of three Take lunch to London Office Space

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          If you’re one of these organised people who gets up early to make sandwiches for work, or packs leftovers from the night before safely away for lunchtime, then you’re not alone.

          A survey completed by found that 66 per cent of workers take their lunch with them to their office space in London and the rest of the UK, saving an average of £3 a day, the Mirror reported.

          Those who prepare their lunch to take to work are mostly women, and most prefer to take sandwiches, rather than other types of food, the survey found.

          People who spend money on buying lunch every day will tot up a food bill of around £780 a year, not including drinks.

          Nigel Berman, who completed the poll, told the newspaper: “People don’t think about the cost over the year. It can really add up.”

          Bupa recently reported that around 70 per cent of workers do not escape from their office space at lunch, preferring to eat at their desks.

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