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        UK employees ‘set to work over Christmas’

        UK employees ‘set to work over Christmas’

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          Up to a third of UK employees are prepared to work through their Christmas break, a new study has indicated.

          Research conducted by DocuSign, which surveyed 1,000 UK employees, found that 32 per cent had no problem working during time off over the festive period.

          Young workers in particular are likely to spend time on employment tasks, with 36 per cent expecting to log on to their work devices.

          And employees based in Greater London (39 per cent) are more likely than those elsewhere to spend some of their holiday working.

          The vast majority of UK workers will have some days off In December, with Christmas Day and Boxing Day statutory bank holidays.

          And 44 per cent of employees surveyed by DocuSign said they had requested additional annual leave this year.

          Tom Gonser, founder and chief strategy officer at the firm, noted that UK employees are increasingly working beyond the office.

          He explained that the advancements made in business technology are driving this trend.

          “It is now easier than ever for a business to continue operating with the majority of employees working remotely,” Mr Gonser stated.

          “An increasing number of tools are available to help staff work away from the office and this means that office closure does not necessarily equate to business closure.”

          He said that while most people would like to forget about work altogether over the festive season, more and more employees are prepared to carry on working.

          “It is therefore up to business leaders to ensure their employees are equipped with the tools and technologies that enable them to complete tasks remotely,” Mr Gonser added.

          Enabling people to complete contracts, access business documents and conduct business conference calls from home can help mitigate the effects of having to work, he claimed.

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