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        UK office employees ‘eager to work from home’

        UK office employees ‘eager to work from home’

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          The vast majority of UK office employees would like greater flexibility in terms of how they work, a new study has revealed.

          Research conducted by software provider TeamViewer, which interviewed 1,000 UK office workers, found that 78 per cent want a more flexible work schedule to boost job satisfaction.

          This is particularly the case with few employees receiving a pay rise in recent months, the firm discovered.

          Some 68 per cent of respondents expressed a desire to work from home, while 50 per cent said they would like to travel less frequently for business reasons.

          TeamViewer said that although companies have talked about creating flexible working policies for years, some are yet to implement a clear strategy.

          Many workers are still not being given the opportunity to customise their working week, the survey found.

          Some 25 per cent of respondents revealed they never work from home, while a further 18 per cent said opportunities were few and far between.

          Just 26 per cent were able to choose when they want to work from home, whilst a further 22 per cent said such arrangements were flexible as long as they got prior agreement from their manager.

          When asked what would further improve their home working experience, 55 per cent stated faster connectivity and 51 per cent said full access to work documents.

          Holger Felgner, general manager at TeamViewer, suggested the findings of the survey show that flexible working policies can satisfy employees seeking an improved work-life balance.

          He noted that modern technology gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere at any time and on any device, while staying fully connected to the office infrastructure.

          But ultimately it is up to employers whether to sanction home working, or to keep their employees coming into the office day by day with no prospect of change.

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