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        UK office workers call for social media communication

        UK office workers call for social media communication

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          UK firms are flatly failing to engage with their office staff using social media, according to a new report.

          Research conducted by Hyphen, the outsourcing firm, has found that a disconnect has developed between employers and their employees due to their unwillingness or incapability to use social media as a means of communication.

          Despite this, the survey – which polled as many as 1,500 office workers and those employed elsewhere – found that employees are keen to communicate with their bosses through popular social media sites.

          Mangers, though, are apparently unwilling to comply with the demands, with a significant number of employers instead preferring to rely on more traditional means of communication, such as intranet sites.

          Hyphen found that as many as 42.3 per cent of employers would be happy to communicate with their superiors using Facebook, while 20 per cent would be happy doing so via Twitter.

          And even though the survey suggests that mangers are reluctant to adopt a more technology-focused approach, some 39.2 per cent of managers indicated their willingness to do so.

          Zain Wadee, the managing director at Hyphen, commented: “Organisations have a long way to go to implement impactful social media strategies that engage and communicate with employees.

          “While many organisations are focusing their social media efforts on external audiences, they are neglecting to see the potential such channels offer for internal communications, brand building and advocacy.”

          He added that engaging with staff over social may bring some significant benefits that employers have not even considered, such as improving their prospect of attracting new staff members.

          This comes shortly after a report conducted by Hornbill Service Management found that 53 per cent of British office workers believe IT isn’t keeping pace with business needs.

          And in response to these concerns, as many as 40 per cent have indicated their willingness to use personal devices without getting permission from, or informing, IT staff at their company.

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