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        Serviced Offices to “See Payback” from Lighting Upgrade

        Serviced Offices to “See Payback” from Lighting Upgrade

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          Businesses which make a simple change to the type of lighting they use in their serviced offices could save over a third on their electricity bills, the British Council for Offices (BCO) has revealed.

          Technological improvements and new energy-saving measures mean that lighting can be upgraded, helping companies to reduce their outgoings and improve their green credentials.

          Paul Edwards, chairman of the BCO’s environmental sustainability group, said: “For example, if you go from a T8 light fitting, which has slightly bigger tubes, to a T5 light fitting, you’ll save 35 per cent instantly. If you work out your energy bill, you can normally see a payback on that.”

          He added that behavioural changes such as switching off lights and computers at the end of the day, could cut down energy usage, and suggested that lights with movement detectors could be helpful, as they would mean that lights were not being used when they were not needed.

          Businesses in Greater Manchester are currently taking part in a trial run by Electricity North West where they can be paid to reduce their energy usage.

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