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        Urgent requests for video conferencing expected

        Urgent requests for video conferencing expected

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          With the Olympic Games just around the corner and the winter months already upon us, SCC has predicted many businesses are going to make urgent requests for video conferencing facilities.

          Many firms may be contemplating having the technology installed or updated ahead of the Games next year and the demands they are expected to exert in public transport in and around the capital.

          If they are going to do it anyway, then many may decide that winter weather threats to travel are a good reason to bring it forward a few months.

          Video conferencing has the benefit of allowing face-to-face interaction between businesses and clients without the need to travel vast purposes.

          As well as cutting down the time executives and staff spend travelling between places in order to conduct meetings, it makes things easier when outside forces make that travel even harder.

          Traditionally many businesses favour meetings in person, but as technology evolves, methods such as video conferencing makes it feel like people are in the same room as each other without the hassle of getting there.

          Last year’s particularly bad weather conditions brought many businesses to a standstill and this week’s strikes show that airports cannot always be guaranteed.

          Reliable and more affordable than long distance travel, many companies will turn to the technology in 2012.

          Developed in the 1970s, video conferencing is different from a video call in which only one individual or group in one location can interact with another.

          Ian Scott, director of audio visual at SCC, said: “In an era where we are in many ways defined by our mobility, businesses must give due consideration to how they will cope when movement is suddenly restricted. Every year vast sums are lost to the economy when the trains and airports grind to a halt.”

          The company has seen an upsurge in the number of businesses wanting to take the technology on and are convinced that it is a trend which is set to continue.

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