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        Use business address services to build company profile

        Use business address services to build company profile

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          It is not always easy for small businesses to stand out from the crowd, particularly when they are run with modest resources and constrained budgets.

          As such, the importance of making a great first impression with potential clients, partners and suppliers cannot be underestimated.

          Businesspeople may only get one opportunity to demonstrate their worth to another party, and they need to ensure this is grasped with both hands.

          One of the ways small businesses can set the right tone, and present themselves as the model of professionalism, is to use business address services.

          Companies can set up a virtual office at a prestigious location – such as the City of London -and use this address on all printed documents and its website.

          Rather than putting their residential address or that of their small business premises on a business card or letterhead, firms can use that of the virtual office.

          The company may have telephone and mail answering services based at this location, even though its main business is carried on elsewhere.

          Businesses need to ask themselves, what type of company would customers rather deal with? An amateurish start-up based out of somebody’s dining room? Or a fast growing company with a Canary Wharf address?

          Almost inevitably customers would choose the latter; a firm that appears more professional and, as a consequence, better equipped to meet their particular needs.

          In practical terms, there may be very little – if any – difference between the two companies.

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