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        Using an office computer can be a ‘demanding visual activity’

        Using an office computer can be a ‘demanding visual activity’

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          Frequent computer use in your serviced office may not affect your eyes permanently, but it can cause eye-related symptoms, a leading optician has said.

          Anna Turvet, superintendent opticians at Tesco, described computer use as “a demanding visual activity” and warned that people should get their eyes checked if they are having any problems, as there may be underlying causes.

          She said: “If you rule that out, then the symptoms associated with using a computer are often more to do with work practice than your eyes.”

          One of the most common mistakes which people in serviced offices make with computers is not ensuring that the screen is at the right height. If it is too high or too low it can cause eye strain and headaches, Ms Turvet said.

          Her comments were made as part of a new campaign by the company alongside National Eye Health Week, which is this week. The supermarket chain wants to educate people on the general health benefits of getting their eyes tested.

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