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        Virtual and serviced offices ‘make the right impression’

        Virtual and serviced offices ‘make the right impression’

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          Virtual and serviced offices can give new businesses the prestige they need to attract top-tier clients, it has been suggested.

          Writing for, Mark Lee, chairman of the Tax Advice Network, suggested that these allow professionals to set up in business without incurring significant overheads.

          He said accountants and other professionals can start an enterprise or practice in their own home, but use serviced or virtual office facilities to provide an all-important city address.

          Mr Lee suggested that this is important when trying to attract clients – they will be eager to ensure the start-up is credible.

          Should the company address be a residential property – rather than a location in the city – this is likely to give the wrong impression, and make the company appear somewhat unprofessional.

          “While you may not need a physical office away from home you may still want a virtual one,” Mr Lee commented.

          “Virtual offices provide an address for the mail and many of these facilities will allow you to book meeting rooms when you need them.”

          He said there are branded offices in almost every city and also some more individual local facilities that can be traced through an internet search.

          “Another option is to go one step further and to rent space on a short-term basis from a serviced office facility,” Mr Lee told the news provider.

          “This will often mean you have a secure room in an office building with its own reception, security and phone answering service.”

          Alternatively, business owners can arrange for a virtual answering service that will answer calls as if they are received by their own reception.

          Messages can then be taken, or the call can be transferred to a mobile or landline number at the home office, Mr Lee added.

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