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        Virtual office services help businesses operate productively

        Virtual office services help businesses operate productively

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          During busy times, business owners need to be able to devote their full concentration to the task in hand.

          While it is rarely possible, uninterrupted work helps raise productivity, complete projects faster and drive additional revenue.

          But business owners and other self-employed people can increase their chances of being able to focus on their day-to-day jobs by using virtual office services.

          Once they sign up for a virtual secretary, the business leader is no longer the first port of call for enquiries from potential customers.

          So rather than stopping every half hour to take a call on their mobile phone, it is possible to fully focus on work rather than securing new custom.

          Using a virtual office, businesses can take advantage of call forwarding.

          A virtual receptionist takes the call and then directs them to the business, according to the choices made by the owner.

          They may request that urgent enquiries are passed on right away, meaning that the customer is put straight through.

          Alternatively the call could be diverted to a landline, or a voicemail message may be sent, allowing the business owner to respond in their own time.

          Other virtual office options include receiving voicemail messages in the form of an email, which allows the business owner to check on their smartphone or laptop at their convenience.

          This may be particularly handy if they are on a holiday or break, as it should be relatively straightforward to look through the inbox and send back a quick email each day.

          And because the message is in text form online, rather than in the form of a voicemail message, there is no need to pay roaming fees while abroad.

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