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        Virtual offices a major asset for small firms

        Virtual offices a major asset for small firms

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          The number of businesses using virtual offices has increased significantly in recent years, as companies have looked to operate more flexibly.

          But what exactly are the benefits? Why is it that some companies are ditching the traditional office HQ in favour of remote working and a less physical presence?

          For the smallest of companies, using a virtual office can be a huge cost saver.

          If people are running a one-person enterprise, or only have the odd employee, they have to consider whether it is worth paying the overheads for a full office.

          As well as rent, the company has to pay energy bills and tax – creating a financial deficit before the firm has even started trading.

          Operating from home and using virtual office services to handle mail, telephone correspondence and other administration issues can prove to be a much more affordable solution.

          Indeed outsourcing such tasks to a specialist has another clear benefit – firms gain access to customer service expertise without having to add to the payroll.

          Dedicated professionals can manage the company’s correspondence, and serve as the first point of contact for enquiries.

          This can present a professional image for the business, while also freeing up business owners to focus on tasks which actually make money.

          With fewer responsibilities, they can spend more time developing products and services or completing work for paying customers.

          Virtual office services are also scalable, which means the client can add new services as they go.

          If they do not want to pay for telephone answering and mail forwarding services initially, this is no barrier to their adoption at some point in the future.

          The service is designed to give companies the flexibility they need to grow – and in an uncertain, constrained economic environment, this can be a major bonus.

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