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        Virtual offices are ‘quick and easy’ to use

        Virtual offices are ‘quick and easy’ to use

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          One of the biggest benefits of businesses adopting virtual offices is the relative ease in setting them up, according to

          Stuart Hibbert, chief executive officer of, said, with specific regards to cloud computing, that virtual offices could be up and running very quickly.

          He said: “The biggest benefits are that you don’t have to set up a system for yourself. So you don’t need to actually have your own servers, you don’t have to back things up, it’s going to be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week – you pay a small price for some great functionality.”

          Cloud computing was also useful for employers that employed staff on a flexible basis.

          Mr Hibbert said: “It enables them to keep on track to know what’s going on and allows their employees to be able to work from home.”

          He added that it increased work productivity as the nature of the technology allowed businesses to see what was going on at any given point in the day, meaning there was less time spent chasing people around.

 brings big business tools to small businesses, which have previously been unavailable due to price, commitment or experience.

          The service combines business applications like CRM, online calendaring, task management, email and accountancy – along with telecommunication services.

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