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        Virtual offices ‘give firms a professional front’

        Virtual offices ‘give firms a professional front’

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          Having a professional front to a business is essential if it is to get off the ground.

          Firms will find it easier to attract new clients and retain existing ones if they use a virtual office, as this means they have a front of house reception team and the use of a business address on all of their marketing material.

          Companies can continue to base their operations wherever they want – whether it is from home or a small rental space near where they live – but all promotional material can be pushed out through another more suitable address, which comes with fax, phone and mail answering services.

          A virtual office in London can make a powerful statement, as the city is recognised as an international financial, political and social centre. Clients are also likely to be impressed by the address.

          As commercial space in London is very costly, this option allows firms to have the address, without having to fork out for an office. Small business owners in particular should consider virtual offices, as they can ease operational expenses, without having to sacrifice earning potential.

          Office leasing, property insurance, furniture, telephone and utility bills are among the expenses that firms will incur if they choose to move into London. However, through the use of a virtual office they can have the majority of the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

          Writing recently for, Lewis Edward stated virtual offices are increasing in popularity at the moment. He added the option is particularly good for companies looking to tap into new markets, as they allow them to cross “borders cheaply and effectively”.

          These services in a particular city automatically give businesses a foothold in the local and regional market, which will make it easier in the long term to conduct trade.

          “Virtual offices allow companies to bridge the gap between themselves and the target audiences in various parts of the planet,” Mr Edward said.

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