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        Virtual offices help access new markets affordably

        Virtual offices help access new markets affordably

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          An increasing number of entrepreneurs are investing in offices which come with no physical space, it has been claimed.

          Writing for, Lewis Edward explained that these virtual offices – essentially hosted services which come with a prestigious address – are increasing in popularity.

          Businesses signing up for a virtual office may gain access to correspondence, call taking and advertising services, he noted.

          This means the administrative hub for their company can be based in an elite city location, even if the real ‘work’ is carried out elsewhere.

          Day-to-day operations may be based in the owner’s home, at an out-of-town workshop or outlet, or some other location.

          Tapping into new markets

          “It is obvious that virtual offices are quite unlike traditional office space – they are not going bring any additional work space, for example,” Mr Edward stated.

          “What they can do, however, is to allow business to cross the borders cheaply and effectively, which is something that can be appreciated by virtually all companies in today’s globalised business world.”

          He said that, in the wake of the recent economic crisis, many customers are only willing to do business with companies with a local presence.

          Using virtual office services in a particular city automatically offers a foothold in the local and regional market, as consumers and potential partners in this area have a point of reference.

          “Virtual offices allow companies to bridge the gap between themselves and the target audiences in various parts of the planet,” Mr Edward said.

          He suggested that with virtual offices, having an almost fully-fledged business representation in all parts of the world has never been easier.

          Nor has it been more affordable, with companies able to avoid paying the overheads associated with traditional office space.

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