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        Virtual offices help reduce business overheads

        Virtual offices help reduce business overheads

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          Setting up a virtual office can be one way of keeping company overheads to a minimum, it has been suggested.

          Entrepreneur and business author Kimberly George – the founder of Lab-Ratz Technical Solutions – claimed that virtual offices allow companies to keep business operational costs to a minimum, while maintaining a professional image.

          They can take advantage of outsourced secretarial services, and also provide an ‘elite’ city address as a contact point for clients – a major asset when it comes to attracting and retaining business.

          In reality, the company may be a one-person enterprise based in their own home – one that can’t afford the overheads associated with an office, or even to keep a permanent secretary on the wage bill.

          Ms George explained that virtual offices give entrepreneurs all the flexibility they need to build their companies up from scratch.

          They are able to operate at any time and from any location, without worrying about presenting the wrong image to potential customers and partners.

          “When I started my consulting business in 2009, I was in search of ways to keep the costs associated with running my business as minimal as possible,” Ms George added.

          “Finding inexpensive tools and resources to run my business led to creating a virtual office.”

          Last month, it was reported that an increasing number of UK charities are utilising virtual offices to cut down on rental costs.

          Helen Simmons of the Diocese of London told Third Sector that more not-for-profits are encouraging their employees to work from home, allowing them to downsize their office operations.

          As well as utilising virtual offices in London and other cities, some are embracing hot desking.

          This means employees share their workspace with other employees, and take it in turns to visit the office.

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