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        Want to change careers? Here’s who’s looking

        Want to change careers? Here’s who’s looking

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          If you’re considering changing careers, you’ll want a guarantee that there will be a job waiting. So why not re-train for one of these in-demand careers?

          Each turn of the economic cycle brings with it demands for different skills. Whether this is down to the creation of a new industry or others becoming unfashionable, it means there’s always someone out there looking to employ staff.

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          We take a look at some of the most in-demand careers currently out there:

          Long distance drivers
          New research from Comensura found there is a chronic shortage of drivers, which could cause the UK transportation industry to grind to a halt.

          The reason is that many of the current long distance drivers are starting to retire, while younger workers are being put off by the cost of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

          Pros and cons
          For those who like solitude and the open road, this is a dream job. And while starting salaries are low (£18,000 to £22,000), specialist drivers can earn up to £35,000 with overtime on top of this.

          Time to retrain
          Quick. LGV licence courses last between 1 and 3 weeks, after which you’ll need to pass your Driver CPC.

          Skilled chefs
          You’d think with the rise in popularity of cooking shows everyone would be clamouring to work in kitchens. But VisitEngland found nearly half of all chefs vacancies proved difficult to fill due to a lack of skilled applicants.

          Pros and cons
          You get to work with – and taste – some of the best food around. And while hours can be long and unsociable, you can earn over £50,000 at some of the best restaurants.

          Medium. You can start from the bottom and work your way up, training on the job. Or you could go on a course, which can get you fully qualified within 6 months.

          Construction industry
          With the need for new homes, comes the need for people to work in the construction industry.

          A report from KPMG found around 20% more construction managers, surveyors, electricians and other trades will be needed to meet demand over the next 4 years, than were needed from 2010-13.

          Pros and cons
          There’s a lot of money in construction, with senior construction managers earning up to £70,000. You’ll also get the chance to create something and work outdoors. But it can be dangerous and hours can be long and variable.

          Medium/Long. If you have a degree in something like engineering you can probably apply for a position right away. Otherwise, you’re looking at around 3 years of study. The alternative is to work as an apprentice and learn on the job.

          While there is an overall shortage of people becoming teachers in the UK, the shortage is particularly acute for non-core subjects like business studies, geography and computer science.

          In fact, more than half of all headteachers find it difficult to recruit such teachers, a survey by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) shows.

          Pros and cons
          Apart from the holidays, you’ll get great job satisfaction by helping children to learn. But the pay can be low to start with and you might not get the school of your choice.

          Medium. There are various routes in to teaching, such as learning alongside a degree, training after a degree, or as a part-time course alongside work. It’ll take at least a year of training before you’re qualified, but in-school training is available in some places.

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