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        Welfare to Work programme ‘will help get people back into work’

        Welfare to Work programme ‘will help get people back into work’

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          Those who work in serviced offices around the UK may be interested to hear that the government’s Welfare to Work programme has been praised by employment experts.

          Kirsty McHugh, chief executive of the Employment Related Services Association, which represents providers of the scheme, said the programme will help people get back into work and stay in the job, as well as helping the companies which get them there.

          She said: “There is carrot and stick. The carrot is the support that they will get from the providers and the providers will be able to do anything to help them get back into work. There will be stick as well. The government is introducing a greater degree of conditionality. You have to play ball. If you don’t want to take a job when one is on offer, your benefits could be taken away.”

          The system works in a similar way to the current one for jobseekers.

          People will still go to the Job Centre Plus as before, but some will be referred to the programme. Private sector, public sector and voluntary sector organisations and companies will then provide activities to help people get back into the workplace.

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