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        Wellbeing and the workplace

        Wellbeing and the workplace

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          During our lifetime, assuming we average a 50 year career, we spend 35% of our waking hours in the office, so how can we make the workplace better for the mind, body and soul?

          BE Offices makes wellbeing a priority in the creation of its workplaces. We realised quite some time ago that a holistic approach to the design of our flexible workspace is as important as the price and location. Based on the facts, we’ve figured out the make-or-break features for an office…


          Design & art

          • 47% of offices have no natural light
          • Productivity increases by 20% in a workplace with increased natural light
          • Productivity increases by 17% in “enriched” or art-filled spaces

          Biophilic wellness

          Greenery in the office brings about:

          • A 47% increase in employee wellbeing
          • A 25% reduction in CO2 levels in offices without air conditioning
          • A 10% reduction in CO2 levels in air-conditioned offices
          • A 15% increase in productivity
          • A 37% reduction in stress levels

          Social events

          • Productivity increases by 25% when employees are connected socially
          • Job satisfaction increases by 50% when staff form close work friendships


          • 43.2% fewer days of poor mental health when employees exercise
          • 62% of adults who exercise to manage stress say it’s very effective


          • 23% of an adult’s daily calorie intake is from snacks
          • 11% increased in staff happiness with free snacks


          • 32.2m tonnes of waste is created by commercial businesses
          • There is a 75% saving in electricity bills with energy efficient office equipment
          • 13% productivity increase when staff engage in charitable giving
          • 50% staff turnover reduction when ‘giving’ is a workplace culture


          • 1.4m people suffer from work-related stress
          • 20.7m working days are lost due to work-related illness of injury
          • £15b is the cost of workplace injuries and ill health






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