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        What are the benefits of using serviced offices?

        What are the benefits of using serviced offices?

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          Serviced offices offer a number of benefits to all types of business from start-ups to established small firms. We take a look at the benefits of serviced offices…

          One of the best tips for running a successful business is to make sure you have the right premises and best location for your business.

          An office not only takes up a large part of your outgoings but can also take a lot of running and reflects the ethos and personality of your business – which is why many small businesses are opting for serviced offices.

          The benefits of serviced offices…

          Flexible and fast
          Serviced offices are often available on short term contracts, giving businesses the flexibility to grow and contract depending on how the market is performing, whether you’re hiring or if you’ve just won a new contract. With BE Offices you can get contracts that last from 1 month to 5 years.

          The fact that most things are already set-up and provided – like internet, utilities, equipment – means getting started is fast and efficient.

          This flexibility and speed to grow your office, or even set up a new one with little fuss, means you can test new markets with little risk or cost. If you think a new city might provide a new business stream, then you can quickly open an office to see if this is the case. If it doesn’t work, shutting down the office is just as easy.

          Better location
          Because serviced offices can often be more affordable than leasing a large office space, it means you can find new offices in locations you might not have been able to afford previously.

          BE Office’s serviced offices provide you with a prestigious business address in locations like the City of London, Canary Wharf, Bristol and more.

          Great facilities
          Serviced offices come with a number of features included in the price. At BE Offices, our serviced offices have a business centre with stocked kitchens, onsite gyms, breakout areas, fully furnished suites, industry-leading IT connectivity and free calls.

          And if you want more facilities and services, you only need to pay for what you actually use, whether that’s video conferencing, increased bandwidth, additional PA and secretarial support, or more meeting room space.

          Don’t worry about the small things
          Not only do serviced offices provide great facilities, but they also provide servicing and repairs for these facilities.

          You don’t need to worry about fixing fridges, setting up video conferencing equipment, or dealing with service providers – serviced offices will handle all this, usually through a centre manager. In fact, with BE Offices you’ll never even run out of tea bags.

          Professional feel
          Serviced offices will provide your business with a professional entrance from a receptionist to well-stocked lobby area, meaning your visitors will always get the best first impression of your business.

          They’ll also have answering services so that your calls are always answered, even if there’s no one in your office.



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