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        What are the business benefits of 4G?

        What are the business benefits of 4G?

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          The UK is a mobile working haven – and the rollout of 4G is making working on the go even easier than before. Here’s what jumping on the 4G bandwagon – and faster speeds – could mean for your business.

          Extra productivity

          The need for quick and reliable connectivity on the move is becoming greater as an increasing number of businesses – both small enterprises and large corporations – adopt mobile working policies.

          While 3G is capable of receiving emails or social networking; sending large files fast or using new business applications such as video calling is out of the question. That’s where 4G comes into its own.

          BE 3 Feb

          Giving your employees the ability to do more on the go will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity, letting them update spreadsheets on the train ride into the office or keep in touch with clients while away on business.

          Enhanced Customer Service

          The customer is still – and always will be – king. You therefore need to keep them on side at all times.

          A 4G connection will benefit your customer service in a number of ways, letting you respond to orders and enquiries quickly and efficiently, from any location and any mobile device, plus deal with complaints in a matter of minutes.

          Customers like to know their custom is valued. If you find the time to answer their questions and demands (the quicker, the better) they’ll return the favour by purchasing your product or service again and again.

          E-commerce boost

          E-commerce will continue to grow and expand as the influence of 4G spreads to all four corners of the country, allowing companies based in rural locations to compete with those found in the major cities.
          Believe it or not, there are still regions that are broadband notspots; areas where there are not enough people to make a high speed service commercially viable; and even more locations where broadband speeds are simply too low.

          4G could therefore be a lifeline for firms that are out in the sticks. What’s more; the faster connection means more and more people will turn to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to purchase items online.

          Greater business continuity

          The rollout of 4G nationwide – and the increasing speeds of these networks – can help you maintain business continuity and avoid any disruption, no matter how small, throwing your working day off course.

          For instance, a second of unplanned downtime, where you experience loss of internet, can be extremely costly to your operation. It can lead to major losses when it comes to customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

          Pairing your internet connections with 4G, however, means your employees will always have access to their online resources. In turn, your mission-critical endpoints, such as meeting deadlines, will be kept in working order.

          Better remote site management

          As your business expands across the country, or around the world, it becomes more important to keep tabs on everything.

          Networked endpoints, for example, become much more difficult to maintain when you have a number of branch offices and remote sites to your name. But 4G can help you stay on top of things 24/7.

          A remote monitoring system equipped with 4G connectivity offers high performance and secure remote management from anywhere in the world, letting you manage different network hubs in one place.

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