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        What are the different types of office layout?

        What are the different types of office layout?

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          No matter your business needs, there’s an office layout to suit your organisation. Learn about which working environment might work best for you…

          A great office design has a layout which helps to improve employee morale and increase productivity. When creating a floor plan, there are several styles to consider for getting the most effective setup for your business needs. You might have to adapt according to your workflow, aesthetic style, particular requirements for amenities or the type of work you do.

          Read on for our 5 top office layouts and their benefits…

          An entirely open space with hotdesking
          Open plan layouts are now more popular than ever for businesses. Doing away with the typical cubicles and separate personal offices, this type of space encourages communication and movement across the business. “Flat” hierarchy businesses, or those that require everyone to pull together for quick turnarounds, might benefit from this office best. It’s an affordable option for smaller businesses, and can be lighter and brighter because of the lack of dividing walls. Of course there will always be the odd occasion when someone requires a degree of privacy, so it is good to create some private space where possible.

          A space divided into private offices
          If you’ve got a business that requires confidential chats or has a fixed hierarchy for your employees, you might benefit more from a space divided into separate offices. A workspace that’s separated into several private offices is better for one-on-one meetings and discreet discussions. You might prefer this office plan option if you’re looking for something that’s quiet and offers your clients and workers a safe space in which to chat.

          A cubicle office
          Need a little more privacy but don’t want to miss out on getting teams to work together? This type of office layout is built around cubicles, with desks arranged for individual privacy across the office space. If you have a few small teams, you can also arrange the cubicles into two-person or four-person arrangements. This style is great for organisations that need separate spaces for teams to work, and for individual employees to work uninterrupted.

          An open office with sections for teams
          Need space for your team to brainstorm, but want to keep things open? Much like the open office layout with hotdesking, the team-focused office is designed for communication between specific sets of people. You can focus on your teams by creating team enclosures, dividing the office area into dedicated spaces for each section of your business, complete with tables and storage. This is a great blend of a social space and workspace, prioritising team work and productivity.

          A coworking space
          Running an operation but don’t need a whole office to yourself? Some businesses don’t require a full space to themselves and might benefit from a collaborative work environment with other companies. Renting desks or a specific working area from a co-working space might be the best for meeting the flexible, changing needs of a newer business that has variable numbers of employees.

          No matter which type of working space you opt for, one key ingredient is natural lighting, proven to improve productivity and make for happier employees.

          If you are considering virtual office space, you may wish to try a registered address or business address. For more information on how this could work for you, please visit here.

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