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        What are the main benefits of mobile working?

        What are the main benefits of mobile working?

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          The advent of mobile working technologies is helping to change the way UK employees perform their daily employment duties.

          Armed with web-enabled smartphones, laptops and media tablets, workers can escape the confines of the traditional office and work from any location.

          They can also work at virtually any time – if they want to access files and documents on their company network, or read and write emails in the evening or during the weekend, mobile solutions make this possible.

          Writing for Business 2 Community, Chase Fleming highlighted a number of the principle benefits enjoyed by mobile workers.

          These include the ability to work flexible schedules, with most employees able to write, collaborate or submit their completed work at any time, provided they meet certain deadlines.

          “This flexibility comes in handy if you’re working on a major project, as you can easily take a break and handle some of your other responsibilities,” he noted.

          “Likewise, you can choose when to take your off-time, which makes it easier to schedule time for social interactions or to spend with your family.”

          Mr Fleming explained that working out and about is now easier than ever, with many large chains now offering public Wi-Fi services.

          “You can generally find a Wi-Fi hotspot within about five minutes of pulling into any town,” he claimed.

          Alternatively, mobile workers can acquire a dongle which they simply plug into their computer to provide access to the internet.

          Travel opportunities are another major benefit of mobile working, Mr Fleming suggested.

          “If you’re the type of person that likes to spend time on the road, the tremendous spread of the mobile technologies mentioned above makes it easy to travel and work,” he claimed.

          “You can visit friends or family members, take your significant other for a romantic trip or even go fishing or hiking without letting your work suffer, provided that you have access to the resources you need to do your job.”

          Another advantage is the lax dress code – who is there to make mobile workers put on a suit, or even a shirt and tie?

          Mr Fleming said there is no need to dress perfectly when working from home, providing there are no video conferences scheduled.

          “If you’re a motivated person, the most tangible benefit of working on-the-go is that you’re fully in control of your distractions,” he claimed.

          “You can work in complete silence in your home office or play a favourite CD while you complete a few tasks. If you need to concentrate in order to do your job, you can get a lot done as a mobile worker.”

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