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        What is a flexible workspace?

        What is a flexible workspace?

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          The term flexible workspace is simply another way of categorising office space, but what is it and how does it differ from a traditional office?

          Looking for new office space can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be if you have a clear understanding of what your specific needs are. If you consider what you need to make your business run smoothly and keep your employees happy, you can figure out whether a traditional office or flexible workspace is the right choice for you.

          So what is a flexible workspace?

          Office space to suit your specific needs

          Flexible workspace is essentially office space which enables you to move in and start running your business from day one, typically this is a serviced office solution catering for businesses of all sizes.

          A flexible workspace provider looks after everything to ensure you can focus on what is important to you – running your business, not your office. The provider takes care of IT, telephony, furniture, facilities, cleaning, business rates and security, even down to tea and coffee.

          Workspace within a thriving business community

          Flexible workspace allows accessibility to office space at prestigious city centre locations which would almost certainly not be affordable to businesses if they had to take traditional leases to establish their own offices. These working environments are also typically fitted out to an exceptionally high standard with impressive reception areas, meeting rooms and generous breakout spaces.


          New or growing businesses may not necessarily have the funds required for furnishing offices, not to mention the time involved in establishing new offices. In this instance a flexible workspace could be the answer, providing everything a business requires with little or no upfront investment.

          Space to grow or the option to downsize

          With flexible workspaces come flexible licences from as little as one month, ideal for businesses that don’t want, or cannot commit to, long leases, perhaps they need project space for a specified length of time, or overflow space due to unanticipated growth.

          Flexible workspaces also allow for upsizing or downsizing if a business finds itself needing to expand or reduce its workforce.

          Facilities management

          Managing an office, with all that entails, can be a full time job when renting traditional office space. This involves everything from arranging water coolers to utilities and everything in between. With flexible office space all of this is taken care of at no extra cost.


          An established business may have already developed a robust corporate culture with regular social events. However, if you’re a relatively new or small company, or one that wants to network with others in your field, flexible workspace is ideal. Many providers organise regular events with people from other businesses within the building, such as networking breakfasts and drinks events.


          Some flexible workspace providers have gyms within their buildings which are free to use for clients, some may even provide yoga classes, running clubs, spinning rooms and personal trainers, things which traditional office space is not able to offer.


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