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        What to consider before renting London office space

        What to consider before renting London office space

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          Thinking of renting an office in London? Take a look at our useful guide to find out what you need to know.

          Whether you’re moving on from your current premises or are relocating your business to London, there are a few key points to know when looking for offices to rent in London.

          Getting the right space
          The first consideration should be office size. As you’re looking in London, floor-space is at premium. This means it’s important not to be paying for empty square footage.

          Serviced and shared offices in London can be a good way to test how much space you actually need, giving you some flexibility to expand or contract.

          City Hall, the Shard and the Thames

          Finding the right location
          London shouldn’t be looked at as a single market but instead lots of little areas each with their own specialities. For example, the East End is known to be great for tech companies thanks to its high speed broadband connections, while the City is the place to be for finance related firms. Regardless of location, following a £2m investment in technology, clients at all BE Offices business centres can enjoy 10Gb internet connectivity, the fastest offered by any serviced office provider in the Capital.

          Getting the right address can give your company instant credibility within your industry while also providing you access to the local workforce.

          Get connected
          Not many people live in the centre of London, so making sure your offices are near good transport hubs is key.

          While many offices near tube stops are more expensive, you could choose one of our serviced offices at places like Euston, Victoria and Paddington, which are all located near major train stations making commuting easier.

          Local amenities
          While having good cafes, pleasant parks and a selection of banks, shops and post offices nearby won’t affect your ability to work as a business, it could impact your staff retention and hiring ability.

          Younger workers place a high priority on local amenities, as many spend a large part of their day in or around their offices. Local amenities like hotels and restaurants are also useful when you have clients visiting town.

          Try before you buy
          There are a number of serviced offices to rent London – and they make a great option if you’re not sure what you want or are looking for a bit more flexibility.

          This is especially important for growing small businesses who could find their office needs changing throughout the year.

          Office design considerations
          While location is important, what’s inside the office should also be taken into consideration.

          Do you want a traditional office or something more cutting edge? Will your team be working from their desks or are meeting rooms more important? Is sustainability a big issue? These are questions you need to consider beforehand.

          Hidden costs
          Finally, look out for hidden costs. Not all office providers are as clear with their pricing structure as BE Offices, and many will hide some costs from you that you’ll only discover once you’ve signed a contract.

          Speak with one of our team to get a full break down of what’s included in our exclusive all-inclusive package.



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