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        What you might not know about International Women’s Day

        What you might not know about International Women’s Day

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          As we celebrate the ladies of BE Offices, &Offices, Headspace Group, &Meetings and Auriel Property Management, we check out some perhaps little-known facts about International Women’s Day.

          International Women’s Day is marked globally on March 8th and celebrates women’s achievements, as well as raising awareness for gender equality and fundraising for female-focused charities.

          The first International Women’s Day occurred as far back as 1911 after the idea was first tabled at the 1910 International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. A National Women’s Day had previously first been celebrated in the USA in 1909.

          The inaugural event was marked in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland with over 1 million women and men attending IWD rallies campaigning to end discrimination and for the rights of women to vote, work, receive training and hold public office.

          The IWD colours of purple, green and white were chosen specifically; purple to symbolise dignity and justice, green for hope and white for purity, although that is a controversial concept.

          BE Offices personnel are predominantly women, many of whom hold management or board level positions. Today we celebrate these ladies and recognise the significant contribution they make in every area of our business.



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