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        Which Chinese zodiac sign would make the best boss?

        Which Chinese zodiac sign would make the best boss?

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          The Year of the Rat is upon us, which leads to the nagging and gnawing question: would we want a rodent running things?

          We take a look at our Chinese zodiac management options…

          Rats, tigers and monkeys in the office may sound like a pest problem gone out of hand, but what if one of them ended up being your boss?

          Read on to discover which animal from the Chinese Zodiac would make the best manager for you…

          The quick-witted rat is better suited to a sales role rather than managing others. Their persuasive and charming ways could see their team taking on more than they bargained for.

          Patience and kindness may lend itself to a managerial role, but the Ox’s huffing and puffing could see the CEO struggling to adapt in a competitive industry.

          The king of the jungle wouldn’t have to change their stripes to thrive in the workplace, however, their bold nature could prove a little too intense for some personalities.

          We all know that being popular doesn’t always make for a perfect boss. However, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bunny could fare well in an HR role thanks to its great sense of compassion.

          Energetic, fearless and charismatic, Dragons would make fantastic managers at a young company looking to make their next big move. Despite assumptions, there’s no reason to worry about them breathing fire in the boardroom.

          Introverted serpents would slither into a managerial role quite nicely. Their charm, sociability and intelligence give them the perfect tools to navigate personalities and business ideas.

          Nomadic horses make perfect freelancers. Their independence and energy are well suited to working solo but can also make them impatient and unmotivated as managers.

          Peace-loving sheep aren’t well equipped to deal with workplace confrontations. However, their kind and mild-mannered ways are sure to win fans in the office.

          Swinging from one idea to the next, fun and energetic monkeys are full of infectious enthusiasm, a great hire for a team looking for an injection of fresh ideas.

          A company waking up to a rooster at the helm has plenty to crow about. A practical, hard-working and observant leader who’ll revel in the chance to start work every day at the crack of dawn.

          Faithful dog types are just the answer for a company looking to build staff loyalty. Their patience, kindness and diligence make this pet a managerial safe bet.

          Loving and honest pigs should feel at ease winning the approval of their team. They may not be the hardest-working creatures, but their mild manners are associated with prosperity nonetheless.


          Images courtesy of Press Association

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