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        Which Queer Eye guy would make the best boss?

        Which Queer Eye guy would make the best boss?

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          They’ve won over our hearts on-screen, but which Queer Eye guy would we want as our boss?

          The Queer Eye guys are well known for their big hearts and brilliant minds. Helping people across America revamp their lifestyles and attain their dreams, the Queer Eye stars have definitely proven they are driven and capable.

          We already know we’d love for them to work for us… but would we work for them? We pit the Queer Eye guys against each other to find out who would be the best boss…

          Tan France
          Kind and sensitive Brit Tan France has a lot of heart, but also a lot of drive. He knows his own mind, and has worked hard to be where he is. Tan’s able to adapt to new situations and to work with what people have to put their best foot forward would be incredibly helpful traits in a boss.

          Tan would make a great leader because of his ability to motivate people, even when they’re unsure of his direction. He’s honest, without being unnecessarily cruel, and that’s important for encouraging good work from employees.

          Of course, there would be one major rule to follow if Tan was in charge – you’d have to wear your shirts the French tuck way!

          Antony Porowski
          They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; if that’s true, Antoni Porowski may win everyone over! This food-obsessed chef helps participants on the show to think outside the box and take care of themselves from the inside out. He’s also a confirmed businessman, running restaurants while starring on the show, proving he’s very capable when it counts.

          However, Antoni may not be everyone’s cup of tea; he can be very particular about the way things are done, but his exacting nature could be the best way to help employees improve on their skillset.

          Karamo Brown
          Karamo Brown is the beating heart of the Queer Eye guys. Responsible for “culture”, his job is to hear out any issues and resolve complex emotional problems, as well as cultivating an individual’s sense of culture. In the workplace, this can often be overlooked as the focus on profitability and productivity overshadow the corporate culture.

          Karamo is very understanding. His impressive awareness of other people’s needs and feelings would be a credit to him as a boss, and his focus on creating a culture would surely be an asset when managing and leading a business.

          As a boss, Karamo would be able to use his emotional intelligence and ability to inspire to rally a team behind him. We think he’d make a great boss, because to truly lead, you need to be able to motivate your team effortlessly.

          Bobby Berk
          Probably the hardest worker of them all, Bobby Berk is responsible from transforming living spaces from horrible to heavenly. Bobby has to be very, very organised to transform a space in such a short amount of time, and this would make him an excellent boss. He’s used to having to work around other people’s needs, and delivering something that’s exactly what each client needs. He’s not all work, though – Bobby’s able to provide heartfelt advice and be in tune with his emotions when he needs to.

          Bobby’s diligent and careful, and makes decisions based on rational plans. This would stand him in good stead for being a boss, as he’s able to see the bigger picture and present an end product.

          However, he might work better by being the producer of the plans – he’s excellent at creating and delivering a project, but giving him the extra responsibility of managing people’s progression might distract him from what he’s good at.

          Jonathan Van Ness
          The so-called “baby” of the group, Jonathan Van Ness is the carefree and excitable hairdresser and personal groomer extraordinaire for the Queer Eye guys. He can seem a bit more concerned with having fun than being diligently organised, but he always inspires joy in his clients and gives useful insights into taking care of themselves.

          Though he can seem a little frivolous at times, Jonathan’s dedication to his work and to providing useful, sensible advice would be helpful skills in the position of “boss”. The best work is done with the right balance of doing the job well, and having a good time doing it, and Jonathan manages this effortlessly.


          Images courtesy of Press Association

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