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        Who enjoys their office Christmas parties the most?

        Who enjoys their office Christmas parties the most?

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          Recruitment and marketing departments enjoy their office Christmas parties more than any other group, according to a survey on UK office life by Business Environment (BE), the UK serviced office provider.

          The survey* revealed that 51% of marketing staff and 46% of recruiters thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas party, seeing it as a great way to catch up with colleagues and get to know newer staff members.

          Whilst these departments enjoyed themselves, the survey also showed that not everyone shares their enthusiasm for office celebrations – almost 40% of charity workers said they didn’t stay long because they don’t enjoy socialising with work colleagues. Retailer staff were the most likely to avoid the party altogether: almost a quarter (24%) said they made an excuse so they didn’t have to go at all!

          The survey also provided some interesting insights into how much time UK office workers spend on personal sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Almost half (46%) said that they spent less than half an hour on these sites, whilst 43% reported that most of their time was occupied with personal emails.

          Business Environment’s Marketing Manager, Steve Moore commented: “The survey’s provided some interesting insights into today’s office culture, particularly as we approach the festive season and the much discussed Christmas party. We’re already planning to run a similar survey next year and it will be fascinating to compare the results and see what’s changed”.


          * Survey conducted for Business Environment by Office Poll: results based on responses of 2500 UK office workers in 8 different industries

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