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        Why businesses move to new offices

        Why businesses move to new offices

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          Where we work has a huge impact on how we work. Our workspace is instrumental to our productivity, our wellbeing, recruitment, business reputation, staff loyalty and retention, and so much more.

          There are numerous reasons for relocating to new offices. Here are our top 10.

          1. Business growth 

          A successful business is typically an expanding business with a requirement for additional office space to accommodate a growing workforce. Flexible workspace offers the ability to grow a business in one place, expanding or reducing office space requirements according to business needs.

          2. Cost efficiency

          A strategic relocation, particularly from traditionally leased office space to flexible workspace, can dramatically reduce overheads resulting in improved overall financial performance.

          3. Recruitment and staff retention

          The best talent will want to work in great locations in well designed office space with plenty of natural light, bespoke artwork and biophilia for general wellbeing, as well as ergonomic furniture, generous breakout and collaboration space, onsite gyms, freebies and events. Post-pandemic office space has to work much harder to lure people back into it.

          4. More strategic location

          It makes business sense to locate your business close to your clients, partners and other key stakeholders to streamline operations and make collaboration easier and more accessible.

          5. Improved accessibility and local amenities

          A range of convenient transport links and a good variety of surrounding amenities are vital to attracting and retaining talent.

          6. Elevated business image

          Impressive office space in a prestigious location can only serve to positively impact your business image, attracting clients and potential investors while of course giving employees a sense of pride about where they work.

          7. Improved work/life balance

          Offices located close to a wide selection of lifestyle amenities, offering great options for lunch breaks and after work activities, are known to contribute to employee satisfaction which naturally leads to employee retention.

          8. Flexibility and hybrid work potential

          The world of work has changed dramatically since 2020 with hybrid working arrangements and options the norm for many businesses, not to mention the preference for many employees. A move to more flexible workspace may be necessary to accommodate a trend which seems here to stay.

          9. Health and safety and/or environmental performance

          Old offices may have a shelf-life and could become unfit for purpose, necessitating relocation. There is also the environmental performance of a building to be considered for any organisation looking to reduce their carbon emissions. Energy efficiency and emissions reduction will become increasingly important to occupiers as more and more companies commit to net zero.

          10. Legal reasons

          Changes in contracts or regulations may require office relocation. Indeed, anticipated legislation around business decarbonisation targets could prompt moves to more environmentally friendly space.

          Whatever the reason to relocate, with everything from coworking space for a start-up, private office suites for a SMEs to bespoke workspace created in your branding and identity, BE Offices is unique in its ability to offer the full range of workspace solutions.

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