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        Women in positions of power ‘makes for a better world’

        Women in positions of power ‘makes for a better world’

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          Businesses operating in serviced offices and other buildings would help make the planet a better place if they promoted more women to tops jobs, suggests a leadership expert.

          Niamh O’Keeffe, founder of, explains that with more women at the helm of corporations and countries would create an environment in the world that is a lot healthier than it is now.

          Ms O’Keeffe is of the view that women are biologically programmed to care more about the implications of their actions on others, can see the “bigger picture” better, and are better adept at the greater good that can be done when in a position of authority.

          She said: “If we believe that our leaders — whether in business or government — should be thinking about their leadership legacy to the world and not just their own more self-centred agenda, then it is undoubtedly the case that the world would benefit from a greater number of female leaders.

          “Truly great leadership should be about far more than the short-term financial bottom line.”

          She added that at chief executive level there needs to be more change – and the sooner the better.

          “Once more women are given the opportunity at the highest level, it is not just the boardroom that will benefit, but the planet as a whole,” she said.

 is a specialist leadership advisory service developed for chief executive officers.

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