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        Workers don’t want to shout about office romances

        Workers don’t want to shout about office romances

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          Employees don’t want to be forced to inform their bosses of budding romances in the workplace.

          According to new research conducted by YouGov, people are furious that Fenland District Council was planning on introducing a proposal that would make ‘intimate behaviour’ unacceptable in the workplace.

          The council was also hoping to force workers who do spark up a relationship to inform their superiors in writing, who would then either approve or outlaw the relationship.

          Any workers failing to inform their bosses would be hit with gross misconduct allegations and appropriate disciplinary action would be taken.

          Fortunately for Fenland constituents, the proposals were rejected by councillors, but the outcry from the wider public has been strong regardless.

          YouGov found that 44 per cent of those surveyed were outraged by the proposals. Just three per cent said they would be happy to inform their boss about any workplace romances that were taking place.

          Amy Paxton, senior employment consultant at Croner, which commissioned the survey, said: “The fact that so many people meet their life partners in the office and continue to work together shows that workplace romances aren’t necessarily always a problem.”

          Debenhams claims that underwear is the most popular Valentine’s Day gift for office workers in love.

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