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        Workers forget five important things a day

        Workers forget five important things a day

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          Office workers are among those busy people in the UK who forget an average of five important tasks or facts every day, new research has found.

          Commissioned by Avery Office and Consumer Products, the survey found that failing to call people back and forgetting to reply to emails are top of the list of tasks which get forgotten about.

          Other aspects of the work day which were neglected included leaving documents in the printer, forgetting colleagues’ names and not remembering to bring in a packed lunch.

          Having too big a workload and stress were the two most common reasons why some things were forgotten, according to respondents to the survey.

          Meanwhile another survey carried out by Seven Seas Health Oils found that workers are at their most productive on a Tuesday at 11.30am.

          Gregg Corbett, marketing director of Avery, said: ”This research demonstrates exactly what workers up and down the country feel: that modern life is very demanding and things can easily be forgotten and left off to-do lists.”

          Workers are disorganised at home as well as work, which may be due to a lack of work-life balance, with over half of the top ten tasks to forget being household chores.

          Further complications can be caused by this forgetfulness and even more time wasted as overworked staff strive to remedy their mistakes.

          Leaving the house without money or house keys can be a huge pain, though one in ten respondents reported doing both of these on a regular basis.

          Mr Corbett said: “It seems the more we can do to simplify people’s daily lives, the better all of us will feel and the less mistakes we will make.”

          Modern life also brings passwords, which are yet another thing for the modern worker to forget, alongside mobile phone chargers which a quarter of us leave behind.

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